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  • Aug 9, 2013

    My Site's Fallen, and it Can't Get Up!

    Short version...some extra traffic crashed my blog last week, thanks to my decision to use cheap shared hosting. In response, I moved my blog to Windows Azure Web Sites, where I can easily scale to meet any traffic spikes. Read on for the background, or skip to "Making the Move" for the technical details. more

    Tags: Tips and Tricks, Windows Azure, Orchard

  • Jun 19, 2013

    Pardon my Dust

    OK, so I mentioned a few days ago that I updated my blog theme, and as a part of the process of revamping the blog, I also thought it might be a good time to add some better analytics, since the analytics suite used by default at my web host (who shall remain nameless, despite my temptation to call them out publicly) had started throwing 502 errors pretty much all the time. more

    Tags: Backup, Orchard, Troubleshooting, Windows Azure

  • Jun 17, 2013

    Responsive Design: Fix for Windows Phone 8 Device Adaptation

    As I mentioned on Saturday, I just updated my blog theme to something a bit more clean and modern. In addition to just wanting something that looked good, one of the features that factored into my choosing the Wise Words theme for Orchard was its support for responsive web design, leveraging Twitter bootstrap and bootstrap responsive to automatically reformat content and resize elements depending on the available screen real estate. more

    Tags: CSS, Orchard, Tips and Tricks, Responsive Design, Windows Phone

  • Jun 15, 2013

    New Blog Theme

    Seemed like it was about time, so I've finally gotten around to doing a little housecleaning on the blog, and installed a new theme for Orchard, called Wise Words, by Shovel & Rake. I've done a fair amount of tweaking to the theme to get it the way I wanted it, and while I was at it, I've cleared away a few of the less important sidebar items. more

    Tags: Announcements, CSS, Orchard, Themes



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