What Can You Do with .NET Gadgeteer?

A better question might be…what CAN’T you do? So, for folks who might have missed my earlier posts, here are a few posts that provide background on .NET Gadgeteer: Are you a Gadgeteer? Gadgeteer Hello World Great Sites and Blogs for Learning about .NET Gadgeteer Introducing Devhammer’s Garage In today’s post, I want to show … Continue reading What Can You Do with .NET Gadgeteer?

A Knockout in Charlottesville

Just saw the agenda for the next meeting of the Charlottesville .NET User Group, which is tomorrow night (Feb. 16th), and it looks awesome. The title is Knockout.js, MVC with Style & .Net 4.5. They’re doing a triple-header featuring: Joel Cochran talking about the Knockout.js MVVM library for JavaScript Kristy Moon talking about MVC with … Continue reading A Knockout in Charlottesville

Dave Ward’s Advice to Programmers

In a nutshell…“write about programming.” Longer version (the quote comes from an interview Dave did with The Code Project): “What advice would you offer to an up-and-coming programmer? Write about programming. Start a blog, answer questions on The Code Project or Stack Overflow, or whatever else suits you, but find some way to write about … Continue reading Dave Ward’s Advice to Programmers

A new Gadgeteer blog – VB Magic

Well, so the blog isn’t only about Gadgeteer, but I love the title, and the fact that his most recent post shows the beginnings of an RPG (open source, no less) running on the FEZ Spider Gadgeteer board, is Awesome in my book. A definite Critical Hit. I love Gadgeteer, and I love RPGs, so … Continue reading A new Gadgeteer blog – VB Magic

Gadgeteer Hello World

Introduction Some time ago, I posted an unboxing video for something new, my FEZ Spider .NET Gadgeteer starter kit. Since then, I’ve been busy with both my day job, and spending a lot of my “free” time playing with my Gadgeteer stuff, learning about breadboarding, and generally diving head-first into the world of electronics hardware … Continue reading Gadgeteer Hello World

MADExpo 2012 Call for Speakers is Open!

Last year, it was my privilege to be a part of the team that brought a new conference to the Mid-Atlantic, the Mid-Atlantic Developer Expo (or MADExpo for short). The conference was born of many conversations and discussions in the community from folks wanting to do something a little bigger and bolder than some of … Continue reading MADExpo 2012 Call for Speakers is Open!