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Sep 20, 2012

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Windows 8 Game Development...

...but didn't know to ask.

OK, perhaps not everything...but certainly all the options for developing great games on Windows 8.

Bob Familiar, who manages some of my fellow Technical Evangelists on our East Region team, managed to find time between updating SharePoint and emailing Excel files to do some really thorough research on the state of game development for Windows 8, and shares his results on his blog:

A very nice tour of the available technologies and frameworks, as well as some that have been recently announced.

Bottom line...whether you program in HTML and JavaScript, C#, XAML, or C++, there's something for you on Windows 8 for developing amazing games. From casual to hardcore, it's all available. Check out Bob's post to see the options.

Oh, and Bob is also a prolific musician, and contributed some of his tunes for my colleague Dave Isbitski's Space Cadet game, which you can download from Codeplex.

And don't forget to sign up for Generation App. Go from idea to app in 30 days.

Tags: Windows 8, Game Development, HTML5, JavaScript, XAML, C#, C++

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