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Nov 30, 2012

Friday App Shout-Out: Smart Recorder

Going to be a short one today, as it's been a very busy week so far (had 30 new windows installed in my house this week and 3 presentations at MoDevEast between yesterday and today), and not done yet (Microsoft Store Workshop tonight and CMAP Code Camp tomorrow).

At MoDevEast today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with local developer Ken Roe, creator of the Smart Recorder app for the Windows Store.

Smart Recorder


Smart Recorder is an app for recording audio, and provides some neat features that make it very useful for capturing audio from a meeting, or similar tasks. You can tap the Add Tag button to tag a particular section of audio with a snippet of text. Great for highlighting something you want to make sure to review later. You can also add a picture to a section of audio, to capture who's speaking or such.

The app also shows the audio waveform as it's being captured, and supports pinch-to-zoom on the recorded audio, making it easy to zoom in on a particular section of interest.

Congrats, Ken on a nice app...always great to see solid apps from Mid-Atlantic developers!

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