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May 21, 2012

More Windows 8 Developer Camps!

Via my DE peer, Chris Bowen, some good news for anyone who may have missed an opportunity to make it to your local Windows 8 Developer Camp event. Given that most of these events filled up very quickly, you might not have been able to get registered. If so, check out the list below, and you might have another chance to attend one of these full-day events. Here's what Chris shared:

Windows Developer Camp

I previously mentioned the series of Windows Developer Camps - free, full-day events to help you learn about building Metro-style apps for Windows 8. They feature a mix of developer sessions plus a series of hands-on labs to help reinforce what you’ve learned.

Well, it turns out they’re popular.  So popular, in fact, that all of the Camps I listed earlier are full.

However, more are on the way!  Coming soon to these cities:

Date Location Link
May 22 Irving, TX Register
May 23 Bellevue, WA Register
May 24 Waltham, MA Register
May 24 Chevy Chase, MD Register
May 29 Minneapolis, MN Register
June 1 New York, NY Register
June 5 Downers Grove, IL Register

Register soon, bring a PC with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta installed, and enjoy Camp!

More Windows 8 Opportunities

Metro Accelerator LabsThe Windows Developer Camps are a great first step toward developing for Windows 8, but whether you’re just starting or are well on your way with your own app, check out the Metro Accelerator Labs.

While the Windows Developer Camps focus on education via sessions and hands-on labs, the Metro Accelerator Labs are focused on your apps, featuring an environment to let you code with experts on hand to help you with any questions (and plenty of food, too.)

Then, as you ready your app for prime time, look toward the Application Excellence Labs.  These are your chance have your app reviewed and potentially earn a token to allow you to submit it early to the Windows Store – an opportunity you really shouldn’t miss!

Happy Windows 8 coding!

The two closest events for folks in Mid-Atlantic are Chevy Chase (this Thursday) and New York City (next Friday). If you're looking for a chance to learn more about building apps for the next version of Windows, you don't want to miss these.

[via Chris Bowen]

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