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Sep 18, 2012

Now Available...Windows 8 Camp In a Box for RTM

Great news!

If you attended one of our Windows 8 Developer Camps and wanted a copy of the slides and hands-on labs (or weren't able to attend, but still wanted the materials), you're in luck. Simply click the link below to download:

Windows 8 Camp In a Box - RTM version

There are versions for both C#/XAML and HTML/JS, and they include all the slides from the event (in PDF format), as well as slide decks we may not have had time for in a single-day event. They also include language-specific hands-on labs that walk you through creating a polished Windows Store app from start to finish.

And don't forget, there are more free Windows Store developer resources available through Generation App. Register today for access to links, videos, and free 1:1 technical or design support by phone.

And please drop me a note if you're working on a Windows 8 app and have questions or need advice, and if you're in DC, Maryland, Virginia, or West Virginia, be sure to let me know when you publish your app so I can highlight your work in my Friday App Shout-Outs.

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