Slides and Workbooks for 10/19 Game Dev Workshop

My thanks to all the folks who attended today’s Windows Game Development Workshop, and particularly for the folks who stuck around for hands-on fun with building games with Construct 2. I’ve uploaded the slides and workbooks from the workshop to our Github WinGameKits hub. The slides and workbooks have all the links you need to … Continue reading Slides and Workbooks for 10/19 Game Dev Workshop

Protocol Activation: What Is It, What Apps Offer It, and How Can I use It in My Apps?

TL:DR Protocol activation is a cool feature you can add to your Windows Store apps, and allows you to make your app more useful as well as more discoverable. For a video demonstration of how easy it is to add protocol activation to your app, skip to the end of the post. Otherwise, read on…

Weekly East Region Roundup: Vol. 4

Here are some resources and blog posts from my fellow Technical Evangelists here in East Region: Developer Lots of activity from my developer-focused peers…read the whole list…you won’t regret it.