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Dec 4, 2012

Windows Store Workshop: Game Development


Please join us this Friday, December 7th, at the Microsoft Store in Tyson's Corner, VA for a Windows Store workshop focused on Game Development. My fellow Technical Evangelist Ed Donahue will be presenting this workshop, and she'll also be available for a couple of hours prior to the start of the workshop for Q&A on your Windows 8 game development.

Ed will be providing an overview of the game development scene for Windows 8, including the many new frameworks for quickly building great games for Windows 8. From 3D engines like Unity and Unreal, to HTML game toolkits like GameMaker, Construct2, and GameSalad, and whether your language of choice is C#, C++, or JavaScript, you'll find great tools for building your games for Windows 8.

Generation App has an entire page dedicated to a number of these frameworks, so check it out.

Here's the schedule for Friday:

4pm-6pmOffice Hours – Bring your Windows 8 game dev questions

6pm-9pmWindows 8 Game Development Workshop – food will be provided, if you don't have time to grab dinner before the workshop


Please register here, so we have an accurate count for ordering food. We won't turn you away if you don't register, but we might end up running out of cookies, and we don't want that, now do we?

Future Workshops

Next week, we'll be covering Windows 8 App Development, which covers some of the many frameworks you can leverage to get a jump start on your Windows Store app. Watch this space for the registration link for next week's workshop.

More Info

Visit to get information on all the upcoming workshops at our Microsoft Stores throughout the US.

And be sure to visit Generation App, and sign up for free tips, videos, and other resources to help speed your Windows Store app development.

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