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Jun 21, 2013

Friday App Shout-Out: Ninja Cat Runner and Coin Flip

Today, on the Friday App Shout-Out, I'm pleased to feature a couple of apps from developers who attended the Game Development for Beginners workshop last month in Reston, VA.

Ninja Cat Runner


From Shahed Chowdhuri (aka OnekSoft Labs), creator of Angry Zombie Ninja Cats (featured in an earlier FASO) for the Xbox Live Indy Games marketplace, this simple runner game was his first foray into building apps for the Windows Store. Leveraging some of the assets from his earlier game, Shahed used Construct 2 from Scirra to quickly create a prototype version of the game during the workshop. He then added some additional graphics, and a start/end screen, and exported from Construct 2 to Visual Studio, and got the game published. All in well under 30 days. Congrats, Shahed, and looking forward to more Windows Store games in the future from Oneksoft.

Coin Flip


Coin Flip is another Construct 2 success story. While it's a simple app, the cool thing is that Andy Moore, the developer, isn't a professional programmer, but rather an engineer, who decided to jump in and try his hand at learning programming and creating games. In less than a month, he created his first Windows Phone app, Coin Flip, including creating his own sprite sheet for animating the coin. He's also working on a second game that's quite a bit more complex.

Nice work, Shahed and Andy. Keep those games coming!

Who's Next?

Would you like to be the next recipient of a shout-out for your app? You can get links, videos, and more for free at App Builder. Sign up takes only a few seconds, and the resources can help make you the next app rockstar. And if you publish your app (for Windows Store or Windows Phone) between now and June 30th, you may be eligible for $100 per app (up to 10 apps) from the Keep the Cash promotion (you need to get the apps in ASAP to get through certification by the deadline, so don't delay).

You can also join me for an upcoming Office Hours, where I can provide 1:1 technical advice on building your app and getting it into the Windows Store. Andy took advantage of this opportunity, and you should, too!

Drop me a note if you're working on a Windows 8 app and have questions or need advice, or if you've published your app already, let me know so I can spread the word!

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