This the website and blog for G. Andrew Duthie, aka Devhammer.

Here you’ll find geek stuff, local events, cool code or articles of interest and more, most of it low code, IoT, or .net-related. I am a father of two great boys, husband to a wonderful wife, Senior Developer Advocate at OutSystems, previously founder and chief consultant for Devhammer Enterprises LLC, former Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, and occasional wood-butcher (i.e. carpenter, for the uninitiated).

Why Devhammer? Well, first because in addition to technology, one of my hobbies/interests is carpentry, and second because of the nifty trading card put together by Microsoft Press to mark the release of my first ASP.NET book.

While I may not be a super hero in real life, I can use my blog to try to hammer through problems developers encounter with getting up to speed on new technologies, and nail the right mix of local news, technology updates, and hands-on reports of my own experiences with low-code and Microsoft technologies. And, of course, a smattering of gabbling about gadgets.

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