Using with the Twitter Notify Plugin for Windows Live Writer

I had set this up before, but during the process of moving my blog to my domain, I wanted to enable the use of links using my API key with the excellent Twitter Notify plugin for Windows Live Writer on another machine. It was easy enough to find a couple of links to the process using Bing, but I also ran across this post from Scott Lovegrove (who is also the author of a nice backup utility for Windows Live Writer):

Now, both of these posts are fine, and give you good instructions on how to change the setting, but it involves a registry change. The registry is not a place people should really be changing stuff by themselves, no matter how good the instructions, someone will screw it up.

So I decided what was needed was a little tweaker utility, so I quickly wrote one:

Source: InsertableContentSource » Blog Archive » Twitter Notify, Because No-one Should Be Hacking The Registry

While I tend to leap in and mess with the registry with little trepidation, I do appreciate the ease of use of this utility, and if it keeps me from shooting myself in the foot, so much the better.

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