Source Code Available for the Kinect Mouse Cursor Project

Getting the Code

Last week, I noted the release of the Kinect SDK for Windows beta, and at the end of the post pointed to some cool projects put together by the folks over at Coding4Fun on Channel9. One of the projects I’ve been playing with a bit is the Kinect Mouse Cursor project, which at the time of my post last week was only available in binary form.

Given that I knew that Brian Peek, who wrote the sample, is well-versed in C++ (I’ve had email discussions with him about some driver fixes he’d worked on), I assumed that the Kinect Mouse Cursor project was in native code. Turns out I was wrong, and the code, which is now available for download, is not only available in C#, there’s also a VB version as well.

Great work by Brian, and I can’t wait to dig into the code.


2 thoughts on “Source Code Available for the Kinect Mouse Cursor Project”

  1. The mouse application that you have developed works great. Thanks.
    Have you also implemented mouse drag,double click and right click? Could you please share how to achieve these events.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I did not actually write this code, Brian Peek, mentioned above, is the author of this neat project. I would suggest that you download the code from the link provided above and have a look. Once you see how Brian achieved his results, you may get some ideas on how to take it further.

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