The (as-yet) Untitled Show: Episode 0–Pilot

Pete Brown and I are starting something new…a live show featuring all kinds of geekiness in hardware and software. Basically stuff we like, and enjoy. We kicked off our first live show today, discussing topics from new synthesizer apps, Nerf guns, the LEAP motion, and a microcontroller that can be programmed using JavaScript. Gadgets, developer tools, and anything with blinky lights is also fair game for future episodes.

We had a few audio issues with our pilot (including some echoing audio on my end…which gets resolved around 9 minutes in…if you can’t stand the echo, just skip ahead), but for a first time, we mostly got the technical stuff under control.

An important caveat! This is not an official Microsoft show, and the opinions expressed are solely mine and Pete’s. We plan to cover all kinds of technologies, not just those of our employers. We also encourage participation in the live show via either Twitter (I’m @devhammer, and Pete is @Pete_Brown), or in the comments on the show itself.

Our next show is slated for next Thursday at 3pm eastern time, and you can check Pete’s YouTube channel for the show URL (I’ll also update this post with the URL once it’s available, and tweet it as well).

Here’s the recorded version:

We also need your help! We still haven’t decided on a name for the show. So if you watch the show, and have an idea for the name, drop me a note, or leave a comment here. Thanks for your support!

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