The Show that Shall Not Be Named: Episode 1 – All About KickStarter

So, Pete Brown and I had a great time with our new show (which, alas, is still in need of a name…drop me a note if you have ideas). In Episode 0, we talked about toys (and I took out my webcam with my full-auto Nerf gun), LEAP motion, microcontrollers and more.

Episode 1 will air live on September 12th, and our topic is Kickstarter. What is it? Why is it cool? We’ll talk about some awesome current and recently-funded projects, and discuss whether Pete or Andrew has the bigger Kickstarter habit. You can tune in live below, or stream the show directly on YouTube, where you can share your questions and comments live during the show. And after the 12th, you can still watch the show below…Please join us!

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