Slides From NoVA Mini Maker Faire – Meet Gadgeteer

This weekend, I had the privilege of participating in my very first maker faire, the NoVA Mini Maker Faire, which was held in Reston, VA.

I signed up for a booth which I called “Meet Gadgeteer: Reusable Modular Electronics” which was intended to highlight the advantages of the .NET Micro Framework and .NET Gadgeteer as a means of creating electronic prototypes and IoT devices. I created a rolling slide deck for the event, which I’ve embedded above. You can also download a copy using the link above.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew it would probably be busy, and it turned out to be busier than I’d expected, in part since our booth was right at the entrance to the room we were in. Thankfully, I had the help of an awesome couple of fellow geeks, Sean and Jean Westcott (@basementhacker and @DigiDaunted, respectively), who stepped up to help me tell folks about Gadgeteer and how it enables great productivity in building electronics. And speaking of electronics, Sean and Jean have a new book out, Basic Electronics: Theory and Practice…check it out.

We got to meet lots of great folks, both young and old, and had a blast showing off some fun projects, including IR-controlled robots and Bluetooth-enabled blinky lights. I think all three of us were pretty exhausted by the end, and I’m still trying to get my voice back, but even so it was a great time, and I hope everyone who stopped by enjoyed themselves.

Do you need help understanding IoT, or getting started with building IoT systems? Drop me a note…I can help.

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