Slides for “Communicating with the Internet of Things”

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that if you want to keep up with my hardware projects, I post video demos to my Devhammer Vimeo channel. You can also see info on some of my past projects on the Garage page on my blog.

Thanks to all the folks who came out to hear my talk last night at CapArea.NET on “Communicating with the Internet of Things”. I’m embedding my slides from the talk below, including some additional resource links:

If you have questions about the talk, or want to know more about how to get started working with NETMF and Gadgeteer, drop me a note. I’m available to do custom classes if your organization needs a primer on embedded development in the .NET world as well.

If you missed this talk, and would like to catch it live, I’ll next be bringing my big box of gear on the road to Philly Code Camp on Saturday, March 21st, and on April 14th, I’ll be at the Hampton Roads .NET User Group.

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