Visual Studio Code Hits the 1.0 Milestone

I must have missed this while avoiding the interwebs around April Fool’s Day, but apparently Visual Studio Code is no longer beta/preview, and has hit their 1.0 version milestone.

UPDATE: I was confused when reading the update log, which had the 1.0.0 update listed as March 2016…this must’ve been referring to the preview 1.0 release. Thus the correction above. The official public 1.0 release was yesterday, so I didn’t miss it after all. Details below the fold…

Visual Studio Code Gets Real

The 1.0 release of VS Code is great news for anyone who was eager to take advantage of this easy-to-install and lightweight editor, but was waiting for a non-beta release. Or just concerned about stability. They’ve had over 2 million downloads since the initial preview just under a year ago. Pretty cool. And proof positive that developing apps using Electron Shell is a pretty slick way to deliver great functionality across platforms.

Web API and Angular 2 using Visual Studio Code
Simple angular demo in Visual Studio Code

Be sure to read the whole blog post for more details on the history of VS Code. And you can celebrate the milestone by re-reading my post on my early VS Code experiences, “Learn You Node with VS Code“.

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