MADExpo Kicks Off in Style!

Day 1 of the inaugural Mid Atlantic Developer Expo is done, and I’m settled in to try to get some rest for day 2, which promises more awesome content and great conversations.

We kicked the day off today with an incredible talk by Wintellect‘s Jeff Prosise, entitled “Why I Love the Smell of Jet Fuel in the Morning” discussing his love of R/C jet aircraft, and how that passion relates to his success in the software development world.

The two highlights of the keynote were the 1/6th scale F-16 that shared the stage with Jeff (and which Jeff built by hand), and the final video Jeff showed, which featured clips of what happens when things go wrong with R/C jets. Suffice it to say, there were several fireballs involved (I’ll see if I can get a copy of the video from Jeff to share).

After the keynote, I had the privilege of delivering the Intro to HTML5 session to kick off the HTML5 Camp mini-conference sponsored by Microsoft, which was followed by sessions from my fellow DEs Dani Diaz (who made it to MADExpo from Philly, despite having his truck break down in Delaware) and Rachel Appel.

I had the pleasure of meeting and/or seeing again so many folks from the DC, VA, Philly, and North Carolina communities, that my head is reeling from all the great conversations.

A great big thank you to all of the speakers, sponsors and attendees for making day 1 such a success. Here’s a little taste of what folks are saying about the event:

  • “Listening to Jeff Prosise talk at keynote. Very cool RC jets. His jet is 6 ft. long. Don’t think I can convince my wife to get one.” – Travis Feirtag aka theRobotGeek
  • “In a html5 talk by – very informative with impressive slides and presentation so far Curtis Mitchell
  • “I feel Happy. Enjoying Russ “Toolshed” Fustino’s Windows Phone dev session .us” – Jay Woodcook aka jaygeek
  • “The facility for is first rate. This is a GREAT PLACE!” – Wally McClure aka wbm
  • “Killer 1st day at – hope this becomes an annual event!” – Brian Garraty aka NULLgarity
  • day one a huge success. Great speakers. Lots of knowledge was dropped upon my brain today!” – Mike Ramsey

And that’s just the day 1 commentary! Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t make it this year…I have a feeling that another MADExpo will be coming in 2012!

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