CapArea.NET Follow-up: HTML5 Metro apps resources

caparealogoMy thanks to everyone who came out tonight for the Capital Area .NET User Group for my presentation on developing Windows 8 Metro style applications using HTML5 and JavaScript. Great questions and lots of great discussion. Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

As promised, I wanted to share pointers to some additional recorded sessions from BUILD that you may find useful, as well as a link to the sample Canvas Paint app that I used for my demos. If you’re interested in getting the additional tweaks I added to the sample to support persisting the brush color and size, etc. please drop me a note via my contact page, and I will be happy to share it.

Additional Related BUILD Sessions:

and the presentation on which my talk tonight was based:

UPDATE: Nevin House, who attended last night’s talk, got in touch with me via email, and recommended the following two talks on JavaScript, and I heartily agree…both are great talks and are highly recommended for anyone wishing to better understand JavaScript in the context of Metro style apps in Windows 8:

Both presentations feature some of the best presenters from BUILD. Enjoy!

Canvas Paint Sample App

canvasPaintLogo_2The Canvas Paint sample app, along with many other samples and demos, may be downloaded from the Samples area for Windows 8. The direct link to the Canvas Paint sample is:

Note that you can browse the code directly online, or download the sample and run it locally (if you have installed the Windows 8 developer preview).

4 thoughts on “CapArea.NET Follow-up: HTML5 Metro apps resources”

  1. It will be fun to see what kind of coding everyone is doing when you come into work and both the ECMASCRIPT and HTML on your client website is version 5.  Good job on the intro last night!

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the presentation.

      I agree that having a consistent platform available will be a big advantage to Metro style apps. Not having to play the guessing game of “is it supported here?” will free up more time to focus on the features of your app.

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