.NET Gadgeteer Deployment 101

One of the things I love most about developing for the .NET platform is the wide variety of devices and form factors that I can write for using a single language, namely C#. With Microsoft’s recent announcements about the reach of Universal Apps, that’s more true than ever. But it’s not just true for Windows devices, you can also develop for devices and IoT using C#. And you don’t need to wait for the Windows 10 port for Raspberry Pi 2, either.

The .NET Micro Framework (aka NETMF) has been around for years, and represents a subset of the .NET environment that’s targeted at small microcontroller boards, and can leverage the .NET Gadgeteer specification created by Microsoft Research, and implemented by companies like GHI Electronics (Full Disclosure: Though most of my hardware was purchased with my own funds, GHI Electronics occasionally provides me mainboards and/or modules for testing and demo purposes), to make plug and play small devices a reality.

Since Microsoft has recently begun new investments in the NETMF platform, I thought it would be a good time to do some more demo videos for Gadgeteer. I’ve just posted my most recent video, entitled Gadgeteer Deployment 101, which demonstrates how easy it is to deploy and debug an application for a .NET Gadgeteer-based microcontroller board:

Gadgeteer Deployment 101 from G. Andrew Duthie on Vimeo

If you enjoyed that video, please check out the other demo videos in my Devhammer Demos channel.

Do you have a question about NETMF or Gadgeteer, or a demo you’d like to see? Leave a comment below, or drop me a note, and let me know!

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