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I realized this evening that in my MADExpo wrap-up post, I left out some pretty critical players. For those of you who aren’t aware, the team I work on at Microsoft is unusual, in that I and my fellow Developer Evangelists do not work in Redmond, nor do we all work in an office together. We live and work in the local communities that we cover, so we don’t get to see one another in person all that often.

Despite that, our team is pretty close, and several members of the east region DE team stepped up, big time, to help out with MADExpo. Rachel Appel and Dani Diaz (from NYC and Philly, respectively) both offered to come down and help me present the HTML5 Camp mini-conference that we held on Thursday. Dani, in particular, deserves thanks for having made it to the event despite the fact that his truck broke down on the way, with his family with him, no less. He did get a new car out of the deal, though, so there was an upside.

David Isbitski, also out of Philly, came down and gave a well-received presentation on real world Windows Phone 7 development. Dave’s definitely well-versed in the topic, with several apps in the marketplace to his credit.

And last, but not least, Brian Hitney came up from the Charlotte, NC area to share his deep knowledge and passion for the Windows Azure platform via the Rock, Paper, Azure contest he came up with (along with his cloud peers Jim O’Neil and Peter Laudati). Brian also shared some Windows Phone 7 knowledge, helping attendees learn how to make money with WP7.

I am enormously grateful to work with such supportive teammates, and greatly appreciate their technical chops, and their willingness to travel at a time when many folks are taking time off to help out with MADExpo. One of the perks of my job is the people I work with. Thanks Rachel, Dani, Dave, and Brian!

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